Martial Arts

Intuitive Energy Coaching and Consulting

Lizzie has practised the arts of Aikido and Karate, with weapons
for 34 years and has been awarded her 3rd Dan in Aikido and Karate.

Aikido and Karate have been born out of the needs of warring nations, who valued and protected themselves through the skills of their Samurai and warriors. Today however, those warring nations have put aside their battles, but the essence of the ‘warrior spirit‘ and their skills have continued in some of the modern teachings of martial arts, and this is what has captivated Lizzie. It has awakened a strength and resilience within her that informs her approaches to daily.

Martial arts has had an immense influence on Lizzie’s work ; It allows her to diagnose when habitual behaviour keeps creating the same outcome for individuals and businesses. A simple demonstration of martial arts, like how to avoid ‘walking into the line of a punch’ , will often clarify for people what changes are needed to create a positive outcome.