A programme for individuals and small groups

When we come to major junctures in our lives – either professionally or personally – we tend to experience these as crisis situations. The current upheaval in the financial markets has triggered a wave of such life junctures as individuals lose their jobs and their financial security, but other events, specific to an individual, can have the same effect.

What is needed is a positive experience of our power to gain intellectual and emotional clarity of ourselves and our situation, and to make robust decisions about our future.

This programme turns the crisis, felt by participants, into an opportunity for making powerful and conscious choices about our lives.


The programme uses an unusually broad range of techniques for intellectual clarity, creative stimulation, energetic awareness, emotional clarity, and Martial-Arts-style body awareness and problem solving methods. It covers how to -
  • gain clarity about the challenges posed by the crisis situation you are in, both real and perceived
  • understand on intellectual, emotional, and energetic levels what really drives you – ambitions, fears, values, outside expectations etc.
  • develop a clear and honest understanding of the priorities you attach to different elements of your career as well as your personal life
  • reassess where your unique talents lie and learn how to bring them into the world
  • rebuild your emotional and mental power
  • make concrete short- and long-term decisions about your life journey
Participants have the opportunity to work in a co-ordinated approach on multiple levels -
  • on an intellectual level, using individual brainstorming techniques, elements of analytical facilitation and decision coaching, and structure elicitation
  • on an emotional level, providing a safe space and a supportive environment to turn emotions into a positive driving force rather than an obstacle
  • on an energetic level, using a bold yet pragmatic approach to sense and work on your energy profile and its relationship with the world around you, and giving access to specific meditation techniques
  • on a physical level, introducing you to body awareness techniques akin to those practised in Martial Arts, the Performing Arts, T'ai Chi, and Yoga, and discovering ways of finding solutions to problems through physical activity

Programme Benefits
  • regain and enhance performance through greater clarity and alignment
  • increase and trust intuitive powers
  • develop productive behavioral and thinking patterns
  • feel more confident, empowered, and comfortable with yourself
  • improve ability and confidence to (re)build interpersonal relationships
  • make concrete decisions about your personal and professional future
The programme leads participants to drafting a set of decisions about their personal and professional future and gives them the ability to challenge, expand, and refine it on their own in the following weeks and months, while at the same time starting to put their plans into action.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are at major junctures in their lives, such as -
  • being made redundant or facing other kinds of uncertainty in their jobs
  • hitting a career dead end or “glass ceiling”
  • discovering a serious illness
  • finding themselves at the end of a personal relationship

Format and Duration

The programme consists of a mix of group work, partner work, and 1:1 sessions. Two coaches cover between them all aspects of turning a crisis situation into a positive and strengthening experience.

The programme typically lasts two days, but customised longer or shorter versions are available. We also offer an intensive variant of the programme where a single individual is coached on his/her own.

The People Behind The Programme

Lizzie Wright has successfully advised major corporations such as BT and Pricewater­house Coopers and has worked with senior management up to board level. She has also collaborated in the develop­ment of programs with Cranfield Business University.

Her business experience started early in her life as a sales and marketing executive and was furthered by her studies in Environmental Economics. Still in her twenties she faced a serious illness and through 18 months of deep personal and spiritual work regained her health. This journey gave her a deep understanding of how you can transform what appears to be a negative situation into a positive life-changing experience.

She uses her gifts and insights to guide and heal people and to promote a greater understanding of themselves and their role within the world. At the same time, Lizzie remains grounded in the realities of day-to-day life and manages to make the same connection for those she is working with.

Lizzie lives with her acupuncturist husband and her three children in East Sussex / UK. She works from her practice there as well as at client sites.

Sebastian Hallensleben has built his coaching and facili­tation skills in a variety of team leading, team building, tech­nical leadership, and project management roles. Amongst others, he has worked for Ericsson, the telecommuni­cations equipment manu­facturer, and Aspect Capital, a major systematic investment fund.

Prior to his commercial career, Sebastian studied physics in Germany and the UK. He holds an MSc and a PhD from the University of Sussex.

Sebastian's professional base is in London/UK. However, he manages to spend much of his working and personal life with his wife and two children on the Azores/Portugal. He runs his own Coaching and Facilitation business, Solysis Ltd.

Comments On Earlier Programmes

“When I bounced back into work full of creative solutions to old ingrained problems the other directors asked to know what had happened.” – Senior equity partner at a major law firm

“Sometimes managers feel they need data to support a deep feeling they have and they know is right. Lizzie's work is about making people better able to turn ideas into action and speed up decision making.” Director of HR Solutions, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Contact information

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