Coaching and Packages
Intuitive Energy Coaching and Consulting

Professional and Personal Coaching

Coaching in a personal and professional capacity, from individuals on a 1:1 basis, through to professionals and teams within corporations. These sessions bring in an intuitive perspective on individual issues and help bring about transformation.

For more information and prices please get in touch.

Energy Readings

In these intuitive sessions Lizzie will look at your energy remotely, and record the influences and imbalances that are affecting your energy profile. She will then work 1:1 with you online or in person, sharing her insights and guiding you into Transformative meditation that will open your intuitive insight and allow you to make changes to your own energy, and transform your daily reality from within.

For more information and prices please get in touch.

Personal Packages

These packages combine energy readings, meditation and professional coaching to give a holistic and complete transformational experience.

This package includes:

- An energy reading
- 3 x 1:1 energy coaching sessions
- A final review

Price:  £350

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