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'The Power of Personal Energy.' An article written for Management Focus Magazine.

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The Independent newspaper 'Tap into your Personal Energies.' A full page article on Lizzie Wright's work.

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Lizzie Wright‘s work has grown out of several life threatening situations
that have required her to find her inner strength and follow her intuition. During 18 months, spent in a darkened room, facing the diagnosis of a permanent disability, she dived into the darkness and faced her fears. After months of meditation she lifted the veil of physical duality and saw the ocean of Universal energy that flows through everything. Harnessing this energy and her intuitive skills she reviewed her personal history and identified how her pain and sadness was separating her from freedom and health. She forgave, let go, loved, embraced and surrendered .

Lizzie's healing process opened up her consciousness, and she began to experience herself as being connected to everything. This allowed her to not only see her own energy but to tap into the connection between herself and others, and ‘see’, with their permission, what energetic influences and imbalances affected their physical, spiritual and mental health.

This experience of ‘Oneness’ challenged Lizzie, and she felt confused by the double world she was living in. She made a practical decision to die and unite herself with the Universe. This decision resulted in a heart attack and a near death experience. However, at the very last moment she realised her error of judgement - ‘If we are everything, then we must also be this body’ ; with this understanding she called herself back from that final moment of soul separation and death.

These experiences, and others, have grounded Lizzie in the reality of ‘Oneness’; where we exist as everything but aim to live through each part of ourselves in fullness.

Lizzie has developed her work and is now able to act as a portal for people to see and to affect change in their own energy. She does not believe in healers acting on your behalf, she wants you to understand the stories and influences that may have changed the whole trajectory of your life, and know how to go back and review these influences again without her.

Business Experience

Lizzie has been a visiting lecturer at Cranfield school of management - Praxis centre, a part of Cranfield University. The management centre is a world leader in Post graduate management education, research and consultancy. She lectured in leadership development and Personal Power.
( see the Independent newspaper and Focus management articles )
Lizzie has worked internationally with a wide range of corporations: Price Waterhouse Coopers, BT, Rothschild, Zurich insurance,Toyota etc. In her consulting work, she helps people put back power and direction into their businesses, by using her insight, mindfulness and martial arts practice and consulting experience .

She works with Individuals and management, through to board level, creating bespoke programmes, which may include one to one coaching and leadership development , or company and industry energy and strategy reviews. 

Lizzie aims to 'dive below the surface' and release the history and underlying patterns of behaviour that have held back the strength and potential of an individual or company. Her work is very dynamic, using her insight to help transform the energy of people and organisations, and to promote a greater understanding of their roles within the world. 

Consulting and programmes

Lizzie will help you gain clarity, move into your personal power and harness the full potential of yourself, your colleagues and organisation.

Offering coaching and bespoke programmes of leadership development, through to team resilience and focus, Lizzie will bring her unique intuitive insight and consulting experience.

Example programmes are below:

Dynamics of Personal Power 



Energy coaching

Intuitive energy coaching includes: Lizzie looking at your energy remotely, drawing out and writing about the   factors that are influencing your energy.

She will then work one to one with you online, or in person, sharing her insights and guidIng you into Transformative meditation. This will open your intuitive  insight into your Personal history and allow you to make changes to your  energetic body.

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Martial arts

Lizzie has trained in Aikido, Karate and weapons for over 30years, and is a 3rd Dan, in Karate and Aikido.

Her practice has strengthened her core understanding of energy and Chi,.It has informed the ways in which she teaches the embodiment of energy and interprets Individual and team behaviour.

Lizzie has found that a physical demonstration of martial arts often clarifies the way that habitual behaviour keeps bringing the same outcome, and where change is required.

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