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Lizzie Wright
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We must first look for the truth in ourselves, and recognise our own path, before we try to navigate our lives into a new direction.

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'The Power of Personal Energy.' An article written for Management Focus Magazine.

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Article ‘The Independent’newspaper 'Tap into your Personal Energies.' A full page article on Lizzie Wright's work.

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'The power of Personal energy' is being lead by Lizzie at Cranfield school of management.

 Mediatation :

We need to be able to understand the language of silence in ourselves if we are to stay focused and balanced. Meditation allows us to find the pathways that lead us deep into our internal worlds, this will help us keep aligned and in harmony with the ever changing world around us.



Lizzie Wright   is a visiting lecturer at The Praxis centre, Cranfield school of Management, and works privately with a wide range of corporations such as Rothschild, Zurich [Insurance], BT, Pricewater­house Coopers and is a 'preferred supplier' to Toyota [UK]. She helps companies and individuals put back power and direction into their businesses by drawing on her insight and experience in energy coaching,Mindfulness and Martial arts.

She works with management through to board level, creating bespoke programmes which may include one to one coaching and leadership development through to company and industry energy and strategy reviews. 

Lizzie aims to 'dive below the surface' and release the history and underlying patterns of behaviour that have held back the strength and potential of an individual or company. Her work is very dynamic, using her insight to help transform the energy of people and organisations, and to promote a greater understanding of their roles within the world . 

Lizzie's business experience started early in her life as a sales and marketing director and was furthered by her studies in Environmental Economics. Still in her twenties she faced a serious illness that resulted in 18 months in a darkened room, through deep personal and spiritual work regained her health. This journey gave her a deep understanding of how you can transform what appears to be a negative situation into a positive life-changing experience 

Her 34 years of martial arts training in Aikido, weapons, and Karate, has developed a strong core understanding of how the physical worlds of energy overlap and can inform personal and  organisational challenges. 

Lizzie is available to discuss coaching, in house programmes, lectures and conference energisers on Tel +44 (0) 1825 509173 mobile 07507325112 or e-mail: 

Consulting and programmes

Gain clarity, move into your personal power, and help you harness the full potential of yourself, your colleagues and the organisation. Allowing this to translate into tangible benefits in your personal and working life.

Lizzie Wright offers tailor-made programmes. Example programmes are below:

Crisis Coaching
Dynamics of Personal Power
· Spontaneous Clarity



Energy coaching

This is a transformative journey into your personal energy and power. Lizzie helps you release your full potential, in a framework that also promotes health and vitality.

Lizzie can assess and work on your energetic picture in a face-to-face session as well as remotely, through phone consultations.

Tel:+44 (0)1825 509173 

Mobile 07507325112 

or find out more here.

Martial arts

Lizzie has trained in Aikido, Karate and weapons for 29 years, and is now a 3rd Dan, in Karate and Aikido.

She applies her experience of energy coaching and martial arts to unravel business and personal challenges.

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